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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  September 7, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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shot at his green in the garage. he missed. he took off in a chevy tahoe. >> montgomery county police did a thorough search. k-9, helicopter. foot patrol. we believe it's far more likely he's fled the area. >> reporter: but not before two area schools went on lockdown. some students at walter johnson high school were kept in their classrooms. >> they said there was a shot and they were closing down the school so that we would be safe and we were only getting information through the cops. >> reporter: you were lock down for how long? dwh two hours. >> an hour, 20 minutes. >> reporter: that lifted late morning. meanwhile, the victim in this case file a restraining order against prince just last week. he was said to be angry about her dating someone else. the 32-year-old is former military, now works at an area hospital. police say dressed in his scrubs when he took the shot. on the run for most of the day,
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montgomery county police say he finally surrendered to pennsylvania state police around 4:00 this afternoon. throughout all of this police say the victim was said to have been in a safe location. prince, meanwhile, likely faces attempted murder charges. brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> thank you. remember to stay with us and for the latest developments in this investigation. tonight the search is on for a inmate who escaped an officer in baltimore. 26-year-old william lee lucas was being led from one corrections facility to another on greenmount avenue this morning. he was last seen with a blue division of corrections shirt an pants. he's serving four years for robbery and drug charges if you know anything about his whereabouts call 911. teens will be charged as adults in a stabbing near the university of baltimore monday afternoon. police say a man was approached by a 14-year-old boy who asked
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him if he had change for a $5 bill on meryl avenue. after the man said he couldn't help him another 14-year-old allegedly stabbed him in the back puncturing his lung. >> stabbed him and then fled the scene. then about two or three blocks later tracked down by police. we had officers in the area as part of routine patrol coupled with the university of baltimore. >> 16-year-old deja wilson and 14-year-old keithaged anderson and lawrence horton face charges of first degree and second degree murder. the victim was treateddality a local hospital and released. st. clement mary hofbauer school in the 1,200 block of chesaco avenue in rosedale was evacuee this morning. 250 students were moved to a church next door. firefighters are regularring the source of the -- investigating the source of the odor.
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the u.s. military officers rarely comment publicly on political matters but the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan has broken with custom tonight. general petraeus warns a plan by a florida minister to give copies of the koran would put troops -- to burn copies of the koran would put troops at greater risk. he's been urge you ared to call off the event saying it would only benefit extremists, despite the plea the pastor says he plans to go through with the demonstration. >> the question we have is if we don't do it when do we stop backing down? when do we stop giving in to islam? >> the burning which was planned as a response to the planned muslim community center and mosque two blocks from
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ground zero is one of several recent acts targeting muslims nationwide. while the white house portrayed the statement the pentagon says it has no official stance on koran-burning issues. president obama and joe biden will travel to new york for saturday's anniversary of september 11th and first lady michelle obama will join former first lady laura bush in pennsylvania for ceremonies marking the crash of united airlines flight 93. in local politics, greg bernstein, candidate for baltimore city state's attorney pulling in a lot of cash. his campaign raised a total of $290,000. he said he's pleased by the cross-section of support that his fight crimes first message inspired throughout baltimore neighborhoods. this week president obama is unveiling a new plan for boosting the economy.
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a new abc news "washington post" poll shows he has a lot of ground to make up with voters. for the first time most voters, 52% now disapprove of the way the president is handling his job overall. more votes now say the president has made the economy worse. likely voters now favor an unname republican over a democratic candidate. by 53% to 43%, the widest gap gop margin on record. >> the summer kicked off with joe biden predicting a gain of 500,000 jobs a month. instead we've lost 400,000 jobs. >> meanwhile, it's not just the white house that is in play. there's a growing consensus that control of the senate is at stake, too. the republicans would need to get 0 seats. young -- 10 seats. >> young people are less willing to take risks in investing. traditionally 20s and 30s were advised to take risks and invest in the stock market.
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a survey find less than one in four people under age 35 say that they are willing to take on a big risk. expert say event such as the dot com bust and recession contributed to the young investor fears. a merrill lynch survey finds younger people are more conservative than other age groups when it comes to their finances. we had a nice-looking day for the day after labor day, back to work and school but its eased up a little with the weather so nice. hot in spots. 93 earlier at the inner harbor. now 92. 85 in annapolis. 93 in frederick now. 86 cambridge. so it's a little cooler on the eastern shore. but not much. the beautiful part about "this week in -- these early streaks of heat, it comes rapidly come sunset, before 7:30 tonight. clear skies statewide. a beautiful pattern. we keep that going into the evening, warm, sunny, breezy.
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sunset 7:28. one more warm day tomorrow but the winds have change in the air by tomorrow afternoon. big changes, coming up. now to a consumer alert. most parents will tell you it's not easy flying with little ones and when they hit age 3 it's not cheap. up until age 2 children are allowed to sit on another passenger's lap. after that parents are required to buy a seat. so many are now opting to drive. something that airlines fear but the safety of allowing toddlers 2 and younger to sit on an adults' lap is now under scrutiny. the national transportation safety board is now asking the faa to require children under 2 to be in a separate seat when they fly. >> in my seat belt with me and i can wrap my arms around him if anything did happen. >> if the plane goes down, whether they are in a seat or your lap i don't think it will be a big deal. >> the faa has always said a rule could change and force
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more parents to drive. transportation experts say statistically driving is not as safe as flying. hartz mountain corporation pet product company issued a voluntarily recall of 75,000 bags of dog treats due to salmonella concerns. they were found in more than 8 -- -ounce bags of naturals dog treats. "the view" co-host barbara walters says she's fine after heart surgery and practically has no scar at all. she got a warm welcome today as she returned to duty after taking the summer off to recover. she had surgery in may. david letterman added to the celebration. the late show host had open heart surgery a decade ago be a they compared notes -- and they compared notes. walters says they are heart-to-heart. it's not a real world but
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hasn't refudiate from becoming the word of the summer. the former alaska governor sarah palin used it twice in july. once on a news show and once on twitter in place of refute or repudiate. also opulent, used to describe chelsea clinton's wedding. if you want a baby but can't conceive the natural way this week stew -- abc2 news is working for you. with couples who used modern medicine to have their baby. your child breaks a bone. usually gets a big white cast, right? in our "health alert," why casts could soon be a thing of the past. plus, ray lewis heads back to school. why the ravens linebacker visited a local elementary school today.
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looking at bel air, currently 92 degrees. the forecast coming up.
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getting pregnant doesn't come easy for everyone. for some women it's a painstaking process that requires the help of modern medicine. all this week we're looking at different treatments and options for couples wanting to start a family. in tonight's "take 5", linda so tells us about donor eggs. >> you want to see it? >> reporter: quincy always knew she wanted a baby. when she and doug started to try and didn't get pregnant it was disappointing. she was about to get even more bad news. >> i was going towards premature ovarian failure if i wasn't there already. >> reporter: that meant susan wouldn't be able to have her own biological child. she would have to use someone else's eggs. >> that was probably one of the
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worst phone calls i ever got. >> she's not able to get pregnant with her own eggs. >> reporter: dr. esposito says donor eggs of an option for women that can't conceive on their own. >> due to poor egg quality. her eggs just aren't very good quality anymore so she can't get pregnant with her own eggs. >> reporter: after consulting with her doctor, susan was ready. >> you might be afraid they might not love you or you won't feel like their mother but pretty much those just disappear once you hold your baby in your arms. >> they bring the baby back to see us and are so happy. they all testimony tell -- tell me that after the transfer they don't think of the baby as a donor egg baby. just as "my baby." >> reporter: for susan the 6-month-old anthony is a dream come true. >> there are days i think about the donor who donated that cell but i know he's my son. our son.
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and he was child we were supposed to have. >> reporter: in crofton, lynn brick, abc2 news. >> tomorrow on "good morning maryland," how gestational carriers are making it possible for women that can't physically carry their own pregnancy. baltimore city is taking steps to make sure citizens are healthy in the form of a new initiative. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake announced the nation's first healthy city days. the goal is to encourage citizens to make healthy lifestyle choices by eating right, exercising and knowing their health numbers. the new commissioner and baltimore ravens ray rice were on hand to support the event. >> this is part of an effort to join with our partners, care first, university of maryland, giant, to create a healthier city. >> you don't have to be a professional athlete to -- for health to be a concern. you can be a normal human being growing up. one thing about it is your health.
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life expectancy. and it takes a group effort. i think it's very important. there health city days starts september 27th, runs through october. some local elementary school students are getting some help with back-to-school supplies, ravens linebacker ray lewis joined city council president jack young at abbottston elementary school to hand out school supplies. 200 first through fifth graders received the supplies this afternoon. they get to meet ray lewis, too! awesome. >> big ray, yeah. good stuff. i know they are excited about that. we had such a beautiful labor day weekend. a little cool to start. a little warmer to wrap it up. today we pushed up above 90. still some heat left in the atmosphere as we head towards fall. >> that's how it always is. warms up when it should be
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cooling down. >> for fall weather fans we got it coming in beginning tomorrow night. there is going to be a big change here. be ready for that. let's look outside now. sunny skies. that's the story now. a little south wind kicking up. that is going to turn northwest tomorrow night. we're going to talk about bigtime cooler weather headed our way. 91 degrees, humidity 36%. winds southwest 8 miles per hour. bottom line is, it's a rather warm day but not a recordbreaker. we've been as hot as 101 here in baltimore. on the same part of september, the same date. towson today, beautiful blue skies here. a few high thin clouds, see the trees doing a little shaking in the wind there. actually going to get windier around here i think as we go into at least the first half of the day tomorrow. be ready for that, too. middletown, blue skies, a couple of high thin clouds out there, this is frederick county, a beautiful postcard shot. fantastic late summer weather. you have to remind yourself it's still technically summer on the calendar.
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temperaturewise, 90 baltimore. 90 easton. 91 at pax river naval air station and 94 winchester. humidity comfortably low. that is one positive thing when we see the heat spikes in september. rarely do we get the humidity with it. it's a warmer, drier air that quickly cools off by night. that's going to certainly happen tonight as we have clear skies over the state and that always helps cool things off, rapidly, as we go into the overnight hours. up an down the east coast, quiet now. you have to get out of here into the missouri, back through western tennessee to find any kind of significant precipitation. we could use rain around here but it will be tough to get for at least a few more days. bottom line high pressure offshore, on the back edge of it, warmer southerly winds coming up. you felt the difference today. the air is very dry out ahead of this front so even though it's generating showers now back through central ohio, as that cooler air comes in tomorrow we think it generates partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies for a couple of hours and we stay dry. this front looks like it will
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come through dry and generate very little if any precipitation, maybe just a brief two-minute pass kind of thing, not much. we'll take what we can get though. as this boundary pushes through, through the day tomorrow, winds increase. even as the sun stays out, it will be gusty. by tomorrow night you'll feel the change and thursday morning. through the day thursday, partly cloudy skies but dry. and a much cooler day. we'll struggle to get out of the 70s. tropical storm hermine up in central texas but maintaining strength at least for a few more hours as a tropical storm. interesting, heavy rains there in the lone star state. nothing off the east coast, though. 67 here overnight. a few clouds tomorrow. sunny skies, 87 degrees. clouds on the increase, warm but windy and temperatures begin to fall sharply tomorrow night. down to 55 degrees. getting much cooler out there. and that pattern is going to hold up the next couple of days. we're talking about 70s in to
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thursday and friday and a slow warm-up into the weekend. we may get much-needed rain, if we're lucky come sunday. >> thank you. you're looking at the rush to get home on this first day back to work week. baltimore, beautiful city but turns out many people are stressful. look at this traffic. in a study by american at this business journals inc of how stressed out people are of the 50 biggest metro area. baltimore fell in the middle of the pack, the 19th midwest stressful market. detroit was number one. it's also among the 10 places that have the most murders, robberies, heart attacks. the most families in poverty and the fewest sunny days. wow. i don't like that study so much. coming up, remember when kids would get hurt on the playground or ball field? then come in the next day with a big white cast that the class would sign? that could soon be a thing of
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the past. coming up, how doctors are now putting kids back together again. and, this device is giving children with autism something to smile about. [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice.
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but you wouldn't want an antique computer. or an antique tv. ♪ or an antique remote control.
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so why are you still using an antique cable network created in 1948 for your 2010 tv? it's time to hook your tv up to a 100% fiber optic network. it's time for fios. visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. hello, everyone. i'm roosevelt leftwich. we're working on brand new stories for you tonight at 5:30. two suspect thieves try to make off with metal. were police believe the men tried to steal wire from bge. plus, nature delivers a blow to people in the rio grande valley. more on the tropical storm that left tens of thousands in the dark. and summer fun turned tragedy. new information about the alarming number of drownings this season. a closer look at what can be done to to save lives in coming
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weeks. that and the weather coming up at 5:30. in tonight's "health alert" -- many children break a bone during childhood and while wearing a cast has been the longstanding treatment for such injuries new research found that splints are just as effective as casts in treating wrist fractures in young patient. more on the findings tonight from abc's dr. timothy johnson. >> reporter: remember when kids would get hurt on the playground and they will come in the next day wearing a big white cast that the whole class would sign? that could soon be a thing of the past. in a new study by canadian researchers splints were found to be just as effective as casts in treating wrist fractures. they were also more comfortable, easier to clean and caused less anxiety for the kids. the study involved 92 children who had recently fractured their wrist. about half were assigned to wear a splint, the other half wore a arm cast. after six weeks the physical
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therapist found both devices were equally effective in the healing the injury. overall parents and children were also more satisfied with the splint. of the children in the cast, 68% of them said they will rather have worn a splint. only 12% of the splint patients said they would have prefer wearing a cast. but some doctors do worry about a frustrated child who can take a splint off at any time. with this "medical minute," i'm dr. timothy johnson. a washington state man has designed a special swing that he says helps children who have been diagnosed with autism. it's called the shring and gets grins and giggles from children who try it. he said he was inspired by a friend who back in the 1970s made homemade climbing rings. he put his own spin to that it has a powerful impact on children with autism. so what is the perfect salary for happiness?
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the answer might surprise you. that story is coming up on abc2 news at 5:30 which starts in just two minutes.
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some thief in anne arundel county try to get away with thousand of dollar in wire. good evening, i'm roosevelt leftwich. the suspect didn't get far thanks to astute police work. don harrison has more. >> reporter: anne arundel county police say two men were outside of their car early sunday morning at the intersection of fern road and crane -- crain highway. that is when police happened to drive by. >> one of the officers noticed two suspicious subjects on the side of the road with what appeared to be wire leaning near the vehicle. they apch


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